Edit That Shit.


Be a lady in the streets and a dark, terrifying, chthonic hellbeast in the roads and alleyways, in the liminal, protean spaces from which people avert their gaze and speed past in unthinking, primal terror.

Sad Person: I just got dumped.
Friends: WTF I WILL KILL THEM give me 15 minutes and I’ll be at your house with ice cream and booze.

Sad Person: I’m pretty sad about being single for 3 and a half years.
Friends: That sucks, I’m sorry :(

Today, my band played a 20-minute set as a pre-show audience warm-up for Outdoor Trek. We made FIVE TIMES more in tips today than we did from our cut of the door at the last show we played in a venue.

Basically, I’d be happy to never play in a club ever again. Give me tips and donations in living rooms and city parks any day. People will be generous if you give them the chance, and clubs will take a mile if you give them an inch.

Joe Briggs just brought it to my attention that you can sing the lyrics to “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” with any film title that has six syllables, and I am so excited right now. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

♪ And I said/what about/Cannibal Holocaust/
She said/I think I/remember the film♪

Today I had brunch at a friend’s house, and her parents came by. They are, to my knowledge, the only ‘parents’ other than my own who’ve ever been to one of my solo shows, and they are definitely the only parents who really dig my music. Her dad even suggested a new couple for “Fictional Love”: Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane. I’m not familiar with them yet, but I will be! Just the fact that he wanted to add something to the song warms the cockles of my heart <3

This big dumb baby.

This big dumb baby.

When I was in college, I was in the school concert choir for two quarters, and in one of them we learned and performed a 18-movement choral piece based on Lord of the Rings called “The Tale of the Rings of Power.” “Riders of Theoden” was my favorite piece, and seeing the ‘lyrics’ above totally brought it back to mind. I wish there was a professional recording of it out there.



Yessssssssss! The news is finally out. OOSA artist lizsuburbia is going to be publishing her epic 300+ page book Sacred Heart through Fanatgraphics!!!

Go read the announcement/interview with Liz over on Robot6.

And don’t forget, I have original artwork and t-shirts over in the OOSA store

The stories are true, kids- this is what I’ve been working on, and will be working on for awhile yet. I’m filled with love for all y’all, keep making stuff and being awesome and I promise I’ll keep busting my ass to make this thing worth the wait.



THIS IS SO EXCITING! I fucking love Liz (she drew the “Edit That Shit” logo) and I fucking love Sacred Heart. I can’t wait to be able to hold that comic in my actual hands.

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: I posted my first new song video in over four months! That’s just bananas!

You can also download the song for free on my Bandcamp store! Neat!

I bought the new microphone that makes this video sound so nice with money donated through Patreon. If you’d like to become a patron, check it out!


I found this great blog today and had to share it :D 

Refashionista is an amazing seamstress who refashions awful thrift-store finds into new clothes and some of these results are so amazing?? Check her out! :D

Eh…I like the idea of repurposing old, outdated clothes into something new. But it kind of feels like a lot of stuff she chooses is only “ugly” because it’s meant for someone much larger than her. It’s harder for bigger folks to find clothes in big chain stores; now you gotta steal our thrift options as well? Just rubs me the wrong way.